Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A little Info about Macau & Hong Kong

AirAsia is providing cheap flights, so everyone can fly! Steve and I had flown to a few places by AirAsia, like Miri in East Malaysia, Bangkok in Thailand, Hanoi in Vietnam and Macau. We traveled by ourselves and booked our own accommodations, sightseeing, etc. I recorded a little information for your reference if you decide to go.

Let’s talk about Macau and Hong Kong. We went on Jan 23-28, 2007 and the info given is based on that time. AirAsia didn’t have a Hong Kong flight at that time, so we flew from Kuala Lumpur to Macau. I booked hotels in Macau and Hong Kong online at http://www.asiatravel.com/. We stayed at the Pousada Marina Infante Hotel in Taipa, Macau for MOP400/night, which included a buffet breakfast. If you book a hotel, please print the Chinese name of the hotel to show to taxi driver, since many of them don't understand English. I don’t remember how much the taxi fare was from Macau airport to our hotel, but the fare was MOP29 from the hotel back to airport. The hotel is in Taipa, but has a free shuttle that makes scheduled trips to and from the ferry terminal and main bus station. You need to remember which bus because many hotel buses are at the station. Don’t get on the wrong bus, and remember the when the last shuttle returns to the hotel. Take a public bus (prepare coins, it was MOP2.50 each time you get on the bus) to go to the attractions. You can get a tourist guide at the airport, ferry terminal, or the hotel counter. If you want buy local cookies & snacks, I recommend you buy at the shops near the Ruins of St. Paul's; you might get free samples of almond cookies that were just baked.

The ferry fee from Macau to TsimShaTsui, Hong Kong was MOP140 per adult, which included embarkation tax. We took a free tourist guide & map and asked someone for directions to walk to the Stanford Hillview Hotel in TsimShaTsui - it was HK565/night. (If you want budget hotels, here is a web site - http://www.hb-247.com/aff/timothytye/hong-kong/)

To take the MTR (rail transport) to attraction, the adult ticket fee for some places: Ocean Park was HK$185, Disneyland was HK$295, The Peak (Victoria Peak) Tram was HK$22, and the Lantau Island sky rail (near the Tung Chung station) round trip ticket to visit the world’s tallest Buddha at Po Lin Monastery was HK$88. (You can buy a one way ticket and then go take a bus from Po Lin Monastery. We wasted the return sky rail ticket!)

We stayed in the Silvermine Beach Hotel at Mui Wo, Lantau Island, it was HK$644/night. It is not necessary to stay on Lantau Island since it is more convenient to get to attractions by bus or MTR or ferry. The ferry fee from Mui Wo to Central was HK11.30/per adult, and was much faster than taking the bus between Mui Wo and Tung Chung. When we stayed in Metropark Hotel at Kowloon, it was HK$794.40/night. When we stayed in The Empire Hotel at TsimShaTsui, it was HK$2006 for two nights and laundry. (If you want to save some time, just stay in one hotel. It is very convenient to go anywhere in Hong Kong by MTR or bus.)

The ferry fee from TsimShaTsui, HK back to Macau was HK$137 per adult, which included embarkation tax.
抵尖沙咀码头,取地图资料或示酒店街名问人方向走路至上纲已订在尖沙咀的仕德福山景酒店,双人房每晚HK$565。若要廉宜的住宿,上纲http://www.hb-247.com/aff/timothytye/hong-kong/ 先订酒店。
可乘MTR快铁至各景点,有些景点的每大人收费:海洋公园HK$185迪士尼园HK$295,香港山顶观夜景览车HK$22大屿山吊览车从Tung Chung来回程HK$88(可买单程的,参观天坛大佛寺宝莲禅寺后可坐公共巴士去其它地方,我们没用回程票,浪费了!)。
住大屿山梅窝的银铲湾酒店双人房每晚HK$644(可不必要住在大屿山,有巴士、MTR或渡轮到各景点),梅窝渡轮至中环码头,渡轮费每大人HK$11.30,速度比梅窝 – Tung Chung站的巴士快住九龙维景酒店双人房每晚HK$794.40住尖沙咀的皇悦酒店双人房两晚加洗衣费HK$2006(如要省换酒店的时间,建议只住同一酒店,香港多区都有快铁或巴士,很方便去各区景点。)

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