Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bye-bye Peru

Our Peru trip was near its end for this time. I couldn’t say how much I understand about the humanity & culture there. I noticed in many places the walls had been covered with graffiti. Some places provided three bins, for paper, plastic and trash. There was a little story, when we were in Lima airport waiting for our delayed flight to Cusco (also spelled Cuzco). I had sat for too long and I stood up to stretch my body in front of Steve’s seat. A young Peruvian guy was talking on his cell phone and came to sit in my chair. Steve tried to mention that was his wife’s chair, but I thought it was okay and stopped Steve. It seemed that young guy realized it, but he still sat and talked on his cell phone. I was walking around the small boarding area. Many people came in and I didn’t see any empty chairs. I came to Steve’s seat several times and he asked me whether I wanted to change and sit for a while, I shook my head. I walked to a place I thought there was an open chair but there wasn’t. A middle aged man knew that I was looking for a chair. He stood up and asked me to have his chair. I didn’t know what language he spoke, but I guessed he was Japanese and it looked like his wife was in the seat beside his. It would be a shame if I took a seat from an elder person, so I shook my head and hand. So, I walked around again. About an hour later, eventually I saw that young guy stand up, but he put his things on the chair. I wasn’t mannered and moved his things to one side. I sat down by Steve. I didn’t care if I was overbearing (or the young Peruvian guy not much a gentleman).

We were in Lima airport again. We were annoyed when we knew our American Airlines flight departing to Miami was delayed 5 hours from the original 11.40pm. But we felt a little consoled, as we got compensation from the airline for the airport tax and a US$36 meal voucher for Papa Johns pizza. Ha-ha…I was greedy and ordered a lot of food and packed some to bring back home. Why not! Even if we just spent $1, we couldn’t change the remaining balance to money. I regretted I spent only about $25 of the $36.

It was hard to kill time; we went to the internet center for a while. We heard someone phone a hostel that he stayed in to request them to send a copy of their passports, as his wife’s handbag was stolen in the airport with both their passports inside! Ah, it seems there really are many robberies.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0. HAPPY NEW YEAR! We counted down to welcome in 2009 in the Lima airport!

秘鲁旅行就这样告一段落了,谈不上对当地的人文了解多少,只是观察到很多地方的外墙壁都被涂鸦。有不少地方都没置三种垃圾桶供纸张、塑胶和杂物。另外说个小故事,话说在Lima在机场等延迟的Cusco (Cuzco)班机时,我坐得太久,所以站起来到Steve座前舒舒筋,有位秘鲁年青男人边用着电话就来坐了我的位子,Steve想示意是他妻子的座位,我阻止Steve,说没关系,那年青人大概也知道但坐着继续谈他的电话。我在这小候机厅走来走,人已很多,已没空座位。我不时走到Steve面前,Steve问我要不要坐下换他站,我摇头。我走去一处以为有空位但发现不是,有位中年男人,看我找座位,他起身要我坐他的位子,也没听清楚他讲的语言,我猜他是日本人,旁边坐着似乎是他太太,我不好意思要比我年长的人让座,我忙摇头又摇手。这样子我又走来走去,大概已有一小时,终於让我看到那年青人站起来但他用一物件摆在座位,我老实不客气的把物件移开坐下靠向Steve。我也不理我是否太霸道(还是秘鲁年青男人没风度)。

又回来到Lima机场了,得知原本11.40pm起飞到Miami的美国航空班机却要延迟5小时之久,有点欣慰的是有给我们补偿机场税及US$36Papa Johns pizza 餐卷。哈哈我很贪心买了很多食物,打包带回,反正不买白不买,即使若只买US$1,也没得换钱回,我还后悔只买了约US$25而已啦。


109876543210HAPPY NEW YEAR!我们在Lima机场倒数迎接2009年!

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